AnyTime Health:

Personal Note from the owner, Shri:

I worked in the non-stop executive world for many years.  As a Commander in the Navy I was responsible for the smooth running of a Naval Station. I also spent eight years as an operations and logistics (supply chain) research analyst preparing briefings at Congress and Legislative Affairs government levels, and analyzing strategies impacting international organizations. In 2005, I was selected as the top research analyst in the Department of Defense. While doing that, I was a competitive powerlifter qualifying for world class meets and setting several national records.  I was young, my definition of health meant my body fat was low enough and I didn't have any injuries that kept me from doing what I wanted or needed.  Once I left that world, I realized I had tanked a lot of my health - mentally, emotionally, and yes, even physically. I got my PhD in Natural Health, I am a Certified Traditional Naturopath, and I went to Oriental Medicine school and am now a licensed practitioner with my own tax exempt clinic practice for veterans and their families, an herbal supplement line, and now my latest passion - Shri's Natural Solutions with AnyTime Health. With those early days behind me, I can not tell you the number of times I have now said to myself, "Holy smokes!  If I did everything I need to do in order to take care of myself, it would be another full time job!"  And then one day it hit me - it IS a full time job and I am here to help you do it. AnyTime Health, the cornerstone of Shri's Natural Solutions (SNS), is an executive level, online, individualized, concierge service created to assist you in understanding, optimizing, and executing your health care strategies while continuing to succeed in the executive environment. 

About AnyTime Health

Health care is so much more than fixing chronic back pain, or having poor digestion. Or at least it should be.  True health care is about assisting you in becomming the best possible you, and not a 1 to 10 rating of how your body feels today. It is about identifying your weaknesses and fixing them; whether they stem from diet, work lifestyle, personal choices, sleep patterns, or emotional stressors. At SNS AnyTime Health, as an example, I am going to ask you if you smoke. If you do, I won't tell you you have to quit, I will ask you if you want to quit.  If you don't, then I will educate you on the foods that will help minimize any potential side effects.  If you do want to quit, I won't just hand you an herb or homeopathic and send you on your way, but I will find out why you started, what do you like about it, what times do you do it most; and from there we will strategize a daily lifestyle routine that will allow you to quit within your own individual life challenges.  The same can be said if you are struggling with depression or anxiety or poor sleep or chronic pain.

You should think of SNS AnyTime Health as you newest Executive Assistant that knows your schedule and helps prepare you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for your milestone events.  Have a big presentation or event coming up in 3 months? I won't tell you not to burn the candle at both ends or not to stay up late collecting data or reviving content flow (I've been there myself, I know what the reality is).  I will recommend changes to eating patterns, and herbal supplements, and I will schedule in-home or in-office massage or quick yoga sessions to support you during this push period.  I will send text alerts and videos to remind you to move and to breathe and to spend 30 seconds feeling grateful - and I will explain to you why these brief moments that alter brainwaves are so important to your health. As time for the presentation approaches, I will recommend a new focus on foods that will minimize those pre-game jitters and help you step forward with your strongest, most confident self.

We will start with an initial intake where you can explain what areas of your life you would like to find improvement in.  It is not uncommon to be extremely successful and to still struggle with "gerbil in the wheel" moments of self-doubt, or anxiety, or depression; possibly brought on by genetics, poor sleep or irregular eating habits.  Thru Shri's Natural Solutions you will learn how to understand what your body is telling you.  For example, if you find yourself feeling weepy for "silly" reasons, I will educate you that it means you are running out of fuel, and I will give you individualized recommendations on how to take corrective action before it becomes a problem.

Lastly, our programs are designed specifically for you.  You can check in or ask for recommendations on one particular health question if you want.  You can also do a full intake and have a plan mapped out for you, and you take it and run.  Or you can hire me for "The Works" where I become one of your executive assistants that has access to you calendars, makes sure you stay on track with items on your plan, and together we coordinate this health plan with your work and/or social calendars.

Taking care of yourself IS indeed a full time job, and I am here to help you do it.  Call or text: (520) 585-5899 today.