Distance Healing with Acupuncture


Distance Acupuncture - $75

The concept of distance healing is not foreign.  Quantum physics researches the interconnectedness of all living things. It is now known that the lines between past and present, and time in general, are not as linear as we once believed.  Shri offers distance healing utilizing the principles of Oriental Medicine, and specifically acupuncture.  This allows you to experience the wonderful benefits of this medicine without leaving the comfort of your home, or finding open times in your busy schedule.


Treatments involve an intake process that is done via a HIPPA compliant video chat. During that video conference it will be determined what ailment(s) will be worked on.  This treatment is best designed for specific problems or imbalances (pain, nausea, rumination, etc.), although through regular sessions it can also work on general wellness.  Additional supplements or food therapies might also be recommended.


Call or Text to Schedule: (520) 585-5899

After the intake session, a time frame will be established for the treatment.  You do not need to do anything to prepare.  Shri will ensure that the treatment is not done during important or busy times of your day, and most are conducted at times you are sleeping.  Results are never guaranteed (thru distance or in person) but Shri will work with you to find what can work for you. A follow-on chat session is also part of the paid session.